Give your customers what they are looking for

Give your customers what they are looking for and they will beat a path to your door!

The other day my mother visited and entertained Grand children with stories from her past.

One such story was when her older sister was visiting; they went to see the son-in-law her, John. He had recently moved house and was to clean out the shed when he lost a roll of carpet on the ground. As carpet unrolled it appears nest of mice. My aunt, a fierce animal lovers squealed with delight and bent down to pick up a little thumb nail sized children, cradling them in her hands.

My mother, on the other hand, was horrified and said that under no circumstances could she take them back home! Discouraged, my aunt was loath to go without them – so John had the bright idea to take them down the lane and make them a new nest.

Peace reigned; My aunt passed and waived ‘children’ to its new home. Happy mice, happy aunt and stress-free trip home!

So moral of the story, give your customers what they want and you’ll get what you want – happy customers and more sales. Consider their needs and desires, find out what they want and provide them and you’ll have a happy army of regular customers. However, if you try to do the opposite, aiming to sell only what you want to provide, such as a good thing could be that you have to fight the mighty battle.

So the first step is to find a hungry crowd, looking for something that is hard to find, find the perfect match for their needs, making it in some way better than the competition. Something unique to you if at all possible, something attractive to your customers, see it from their point of view not yours. Remember this in all of your bids and make life easier for you. Can not find the product you want to find one that your customers are looking for.

If you want tips on researching the relevant markets by waiting buyers go to the forums and ask questions. Then you will find ways to grow your business. Also ask your customers what they want, do a survey, ask questions in quizzes, Facebook, newsletters or emails. Let them tell you what they want.

So always look hungry audience and provide their needs and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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