Learn How To Get Paid teach English From Home

If you are reading this you will be interested in learning how to make money as a freelance English teacher, so let’s take a moment to look at how to get this company up and running. The good news is that you do not have a teaching or university, if you have these credentials then you can charge a higher fee for your services, but if you do not have these paper qualifications it is not a big deal. The majority of students who will participate in these online classes teaching will be from countries such as China, Russia and South Korea. Students from these countries want to learn from native English speakers so you need to be from countries such as Canada, USA, Australia and the UK, while countries like the Philippines speak English and they do not fully appreciate the nuances of the North American or UK English as someone who studied in the country.

Since these students are abroad you will be asked to teach the traditional classroom hours in their home country so if you are in New York City and your students are in Shenzen China that you are 12 hours behind the students. This time difference is very useful if you are working a day job and want to increase your income with this freelance work.

How Classes shooters?

You have the option of either one on one teaching or dealing with the group. The benefit of a group setting, you can charge more per hour where the cost spread between many students, but you also have to change the curriculum to meet the needs of these students. Talking about the curriculum if you are going through an online agency that considers students for you they will usually give you the necessary training materials, but if you are the source for the students on their own and you teach content but do not worry there are free training resources available on the Internet if you do some research. Most students will either have to use Skype or WeChat so you need to install this chat software on your computer and make sure your connection is fast enough to keep up video teleconference.

How Much Money Can a person make

It really depends on how you’re prospecting for your students. In Shenzen China for example, North American born Enska speaker with a degree can earn anywhere from $ 100 USD $ 25 per hour for the average student is about $ 10 per hour. Now, $ 10 per hour may not sound like much but when you come to the base of satisfied students that you can arrange a meeting teaching group here can you charge an hour or provide value-added services. This value-added services could creative writing classes. We are just scratching the surface, but you can see it is an opportunity to make money teaching English online you just need to grab it.

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